There are several ways to do a smile makeover. We'll explain them here.
The most common is with veneers. Which are of two types Direct and Indirect (Porcelain veneers) Porcelain veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded with special bonding techniques that holds it so tightly, it almost becomes like an integral part of your tooth.
A Smile Makeover Would Help
A survey taken by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry several years ago reveals that, while people think a great smile is important, half feel their own smile could use some work and get better.

Veneers help Improve the Esthetics of tooth with regard to position ,color,size,texture and even helps protect a damaged tooth.

Indications for Veneers ::

1) Smile Makeover
2) Crooked or Malpostioned Teeth
3) Spaces between teeth
4) Fractured Tooth
5) Small teeth
6) Big teeth
7) Discoloured teeth
8) Anterior Cavities

Smile designing is Customized to Individual needs depending on age ,personality,Image aspiration .

Our veneers are designed and Manufactured using State of the art Material and laboratory's

                                                                       SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR --- COME & HAVE THAT EXTRA SPARK*** IN YOUR SMILE.