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One of the few Dental Implant Clinics in Mumbai with an ISO 9001:2000 certification guaranteeing the highest quality and safety standards in implant dentistry today.

The premier dental clinics in Mumbai - Smile studio in Mumbai is at the forefront of providing world-class dental treatment with cutting edge dental technology in a comfortable safe and caring manner.

Reputed dental office offering world class dental Implants in the heart of North & South Mumbai.

Here are some advantages of Dental Implant


  • Predictable long term success (better than 97% for 15 years)
  • No risk of cavities or Root Canal Treatment
  • Implants stimulate bone and maintain its dimensions by preventing bone loss often associated with loss of a tooth
  • As the adjacent teeth are left untouched, it is a more conservative approach to replace missing teeth
  • It has a much better and longer success rate than a conventional bridge, cast partial denture or complete dentures used to replace missing teeth.