Definition : The removal of the pulp contents then cleaning and shaping of the pulp canal and the final filling and sealing of the root canal system.

When decay has advanced to the point where it enters the pulp chamber of the tooth root canal treatment required. If the dental pulp dies, the chamber and canals become a dead space where bacterial infection can harbor, and, an infection at the end of the roots occurs. A root canal cleans, shapes and seals the space from tissue fluids where the bacterial infection can live.

Initially root canals was a very tedious 4 sitting procedures but now a days it can be completed within 50-60mins. Finishing the root canal a single sitting is less traumatic an experience. Single sitting root canal treatment is a new advance in dentistry which is painless and less time consuming.

When there is an acute infection with no pus accumulation around the tooth root canal treatment can be completed in a single sitting. The biggest aid in single sitting root canals is on computerized X-ray machines facility which is provides at our clinic which enables us to work effectively.

Dr. Sanket Mehta is an expert in root canal treatment and utilizes modern digitalized tools such as Root ZX and rotary treatment such as Protaper and X-smart for this treatment.