What is dental implant surgery?

Dental implant surgery is a procedure that replaces tooth root with metals, screw-like posts and replaces damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and function like healthy teeth. It can also be an alternative solution for dentures and bridgework that doesn’t fit well inside your mouth. It involves many procedures, depending on the patient’s health and condition of jawbone.

How painful is the dental implant procedure?

Pain is associated with the expertise of your dentist. A professional dentist will take care of your comfort and ensure you feel no pain throughout the procedure. However, some patients experience little pain depending on the sensitivity of their mouth. Local or general anaesthesia is recommended to patients who fear to undergo the dental equipment for a safe, effective, and comfortable dental implant surgery.

What are the benefits of a dental implant?

A dental implant is the most-sought procedure among all types of dental procedures. Some amazing benefits of considering dental implants are:

  • Improved appearance – The patient’s facial structure improves, as the implants are designed to fuse with the bone and feel like your natural teeth.
  • Improved speech – Missing or broken teeth can take a toll over your pronunciation of certain words. A dental implant fills the gap between the missing teeth and improves your quality of speech.
  • Improved eating habits – Patients who suffered a missing tooth are forbidden to enjoy their favourite food or take a big bite of any meal. A dental implant allows you to eat and chew food without causing any pain.
  • Confidence – A fuller smile with natural-looking teeth instantly uplifts the confidence within you.
  • Durability – Dental implants, if taken proper care, lasts for many years. Some implants can even last for a lifetime.
  • Convenient: removable dentures can be a task to maintain. Dental implants eliminate the embarrassment of removing your dentures. It is fixed permanently inside the jawbone to give a healthy-looking fuller mouth.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants can be done in one or more surgical procedures. Depending on the complexity, your doctor will recommend tests to conduct a thorough diagnosis, which includes:

  • Dental X-rays and the 3D image is taken to have models prepared for mouth, jawbone, and teeth
  • Consultation program to let your doctor know if you are taking any over-the-counter medicines or are allergic to something, or has a specific health condition that can cause tooth infection.
  • Depending on the patient’s consultation and evaluating their test reports, the doctor plans a treatment to perform the dental implant, which assures satisfactory result effectively.

Dental implant surgery is performed in steps considering the healing process. The multiple steps include:

  • Damaged tooth removal
  • Jawbone preparation or bone grafting
  • Dental implant placement
  • Bone growth and healing time
  • Abutment placement
  • Artificial tooth placement

The entire procedure may take one to six months, depending on how quickly the patient responds to the treatments and heal faster.

Is dental implant dangerous?

No! It is not dangerous. Perhaps, a dental implant is a most-sought treatment to reclaim your beautiful smile and improve eating disorders. The fear of visiting a dentist for a dental implant can be real. Still, if you choose the best dental clinic in Pune, like Smile Studio, you got nothing to worry about because, we take care of our patients and ensure they feel no pain, discomfort, or fear of going under the needles. Many dentists prefer giving local or general anaesthesia to calm the patient and perform the treatment effectively.

You can discuss tour choices and preferences with your dentist to get the most out of the treatment procedure.

How long does it take for dental implants?

As discussed earlier, dental implants are performed in multiple steps. Only when the patient heals completely from one stage, the doctor proceeds further. Overall, the treatment can take around one to six months to complete.

To ensure a speedy recovery and faster healing process, follow the instructions of your doctor and take necessary precautions to achieve best results.

How successful are dental implants?

Dental implants claim to be one most-sought procedure among people who lost their confidence while smiling due to missing or broken teeth. It is not just a cosmetic procedure but also improves your oral hygiene up to the greatest extent. The treatment has no or minimal side-effects, thus, making it the go-to option for improvising your visual appearance and correcting the missing, crooked, misshapen, or broken teeth.

Does insurance cover the cost of dental implants?

In general, a dental implant is not covered under insurance. But, it might be possible to be covered under your medical plan, depending on the reason behind your tooth loss. Discuss in detail with your dentist and insurance provider regarding your benefits and insurance claims.