Chapped and cracked tooth usually results from chewing hard food, sudden force (due to accident), tooth grinding or aging. It may also result due to the low calcium density of teeth. It is a common condition that directly or indirectly leads to tooth loss.

Front cracked teeth can be visible, but sometimes cracked teeth in the posterior jawline  (molars and premolars), cannot be seen easily. The cracked teeth may cause dental problems such as abscess formation or cavities. It can be identified with regular visits to the dentist. You can visit our dentist in Mumbai, to fix your dental problem.

Signs Of Cracked Tooth

Not every cracked tooth produces symptoms, but you may know about their presence by:

  • Touching the tooth surface with tongue
  • Shooting pain that comes and goes
  • Swelling in the gums 
  • Sensitivity to heat and cold


A cracked tooth can be diagnosed either by you or by visiting a dentist. The dentist will probably do the following diagnosis to identify a cracked tooth.

  • Physical Examination– If you visit our dentist in Mumbai, they will physically examine your mouth, looking for abnormalities. The dentist, in the course of analysis, sees through the minutest detail with a magnifying glass, minimizing any chance to miss out on any cracks.
  • History Introspection– The dentist may ask for any previous dental issues. He may also ask for calcium and vitamin test reports to check their levels that may impact the teeth’ strength, making them vulnerable to crack.
  • X-ray– Though X-ray is not the surest test to identify the gaps. Still, the dentist might recommend an X-ray for seeing the cracks that do not appear with a physical dental examination.
  • Having to bite something– The doctor gives you a mold to bite for taking the dental impressions and analyze for cracked teeth.
  • Probe into gums inflammation– Gums inflammation often occurs due to cavity formation in cracked teeth. An inflammation may indicate cracked teeth. 
  • Dental dyes– The dental dyes are dye-test, that can make the crack stand out.


The treatment involves:

  • Bonding

The dentist uses a thin resin thread to fill the gap, which enhances the appearance and prevents the gap increase.

  • Crown

The crown is artificial teeth made of porcelain. If the crack is progressive, the dentist might place a crown on the cracked teeth. For this, the dentist will shave the enamel, take its impression, get a  customized crown made, and place that on the cracked teeth with binding cement.     

  • Extraction

If the cracks are progressive and deep, they may cause bacterial infection. The dentist might suggest extraction, as the only solution.

  • Root Canal

Cracked teeth may give pain. Typically, it is a symptom when cracked teeth allow bacterias to reach nerves and roots causing decay. In such cases, our dentist in Mumbai suggests a root canal as the only treatment. In the RCT treatment, the tooth will be extracted and the site will be scalloped, disinfected, and sealed to prevent reinfection. Normally, a crown is placed on the RCT site.

  • No treatment

If there is a minor, hairline crack, with no chance of progression, the doctor might suggest leaving the cracked tooth undisturbed.

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