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Understanding the Basic Difference Between Dental Implants and Bridges

Owing to the onset of advanced technologies, effective, painless, and highly comfortable dental treatments are available. Right from replacing a missing tooth to the advent of painless root canal treatments, dental treatments have come a long way. Today, individuals can opt for a range of treatments to replace a missing tooth such as dental implants, [...]

Why Do I Need A Regular Dental Checkup?

Dental health is the least concerned topic until a patient encounter pain and discomfort and is exposed to dental treatment and surgeries. Regular dental checkups and professional cleanings can save time, money, and health. At Smile Studio, we encourage people to visit our dental clinic in Mumbai to get the most trusted and professional dental [...]

5 Key Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic surgery, commonly known as ‘root canal treatment,’ is performed at the root of a tooth for extracting the decayed pulp and sealing it with a latex filler like Gutta-percha. The root canal treatment eliminates pulp infection and saves other adjacent teeth and gums also from further decay. It is one of the most recommended [...]

6 Myths Busted On Maintaining Oral Hygiene

We are all aware of the fact that brushing your teeth twice a day can improve your oral health. But, are you maintaining your oral health the way you should? Lack of knowledge and misconceptions regarding oral hygiene can cause irreversible damage. Smile Studio Dental clinic in Mumbai is here to help you find the [...]

What to Expect in Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Many people follow the routine of brushing and flossing to maintain a bright smile. However, not everyone is satisfied with their tooth appearance. Maybe your teeth need something extra than just cleaning it twice a day. Tooth whitening is one of the most effective ways to get brightened smile and healthy teeth. It will not [...]

Your Guide to Healthy & Beautiful Smile

Loving is the best medicine, and it is one of the most important social assets. But it often gets compromised due to dental problems such as bad breath, stained teeth, or a crooked smile. Fortunately, a healthy smile is possible with Smile Studio, cosmetic dentist in Mumbai. We provide only the finest, state-of-the-art dental and orthodontic care [...]

Teeth Bleaching – The Do’s and Don’ts

Your teeth appearance creates a significant impact on your physical appearance. Teeth discolouration and stained teeth can occur due to various reasons. Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching is the answer for getting a bright smile. But, before you proceed with considering teeth whitening, know the difference between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching. Teeth Whitening Vs [...]

3 Easy Yet Effective Ways To Fix Chipped Teeth

A chipped tooth significantly affects your appearance. Further, a damaged tooth shatters your confidence, and thus, a lot of people avoid smiling in such scenarios. Apart from hindering the aesthetics of your facial appearance, when a tooth is chipped, the pulp is exposed, leading to hypersensitivity while having hot or cold foods or beverages. A [...]