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How to Deal With Common Dental Problems While Travelling?

While traveling, you may be taking care of all your health problems, but what about your dental health? A dental emergency while traveling is the scariest thing to deal with. The key is to know how to deal with it when such a situation arises. This blog will share some important pointers to keep in [...]


Bad breath, also called halitosis, can be quite embarrassing and in some cases may even cause tremendous anxiety. No wonder that most store shelves are overflowing with gum, mints, mouthwashes and other products designed for fighting bad breath. However, many of these products are only temporary measures because they do not address the very cause [...]

6 Myths Busted On Maintaining Oral Hygiene

We are all aware of the fact that brushing your teeth twice a day can improve your oral health. But, are you maintaining your oral health the way you should? Lack of knowledge and misconceptions regarding oral hygiene can cause irreversible damage. Smile Studio Dental clinic in Mumbai is here to help you find the [...]

Why You Should Consider Dental Implants Today!

Dental technology has advanced significantly in the last couple of decades. Modern, novel, effective, and highly successful dental treatments are now available at leading dental clinics across India. At present, there are different ways one can replace a missing tooth or teeth. One of the best treatments available to replace a missing tooth is an [...]