We are all aware of the fact that brushing your teeth twice a day can improve your oral health. But, are you maintaining your oral health the way you should? Lack of knowledge and misconceptions regarding oral hygiene can cause irreversible damage. Smile Studio Dental clinic in Mumbai is here to help you find the best way to maintain your oral health by busting the popular myths.

1) Myth: Brushing your teeth with a hard brush will make it cleaner.

The fact is, brushing your teeth with a hard brush will harm your teeth by scraping away the hard enamel that protects the inside of your tooth from cavities and tooth decay. Our professional dentist in Goregaon recommends a soft-bristled brush to clean their teeth without harming the gums and enamel.

2) Myth: It is alright to skip flossing

Flossing is the most crucial part of maintaining oral health and dentists recommend flossing after every meal or thrice a day. There is food debris that buildup overtime and one can only get rid of it by flossing.

3) Myth: Only sugary items are harmful to oral health

Consuming a lot of sugary items inevitably increases the risk of tooth decay. However, other food products increase your risk of tooth cavities and decay, such as junk food, caffeinated products, alcohol, and soft drinks. Starchy foods can also cause plaque formation in your teeth.

4) Myth: Leave your gums alone if they start bleeding

The fact is, one should never ignore a bleeding gum as it might symbolize as symptoms to many underlying health conditions. Make flossing your daily habit, and you shall recognize the bleeding will stop over time.

5) Myth: The whiter your teeth, the healthier they are

The fact is, our teeth are naturally white. The teeth whitening treatment brings your teeth back in its natural colour but does not make it brighter than it was naturally. Also, many things make our teeth yellowish and a shade darker such as smoking, alcohol, medication, and ageing.

6) Myth: If there are no signs of oral health problems, you don’t need a dental appointment

The fact is, in many cases, there are no signs and symptoms of oral health condition. You might not feel the pain right away, but in cases like gum disease and cavities, patients often not encounter any signs and symptoms. Make sure you visit a reputed dental clinic once every three months to prevent any oral condition and maintain quality oral health.

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