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How Are Cracked Teeth Treated? Dentist’s View

Chapped and cracked tooth usually results from chewing hard food, sudden force (due to accident), tooth grinding or aging. It may also result due to the low calcium density of teeth. It is a common condition that directly or indirectly leads to tooth loss. Front cracked teeth can be visible, but sometimes cracked teeth in [...]

6 Major Benefits of Dental Implants That No Other Teeth Replacement Options Provide

Dental implants have emerged as one of the most reliable tooth replacement alternatives. Despite its steep cost, the number of people opting for dental implants continues to grow each year. Yes, we agree that it is one of the most expensive procedures. However, over the long run, dental implants prove to be more economical compared [...]

How to Deal With Common Dental Problems While Travelling?

While traveling, you may be taking care of all your health problems, but what about your dental health? A dental emergency while traveling is the scariest thing to deal with. The key is to know how to deal with it when such a situation arises. This blog will share some important pointers to keep in [...]

10 Amazing Tips To Beautify Smile, That Too Without Considering Smile Makeover

Are you looking for ways to increase your aesthetics quotient? Are you the one looking for non-clinical sustainable solutions? Then, you must surely look for a way to improving your smile. A beautiful smile does not only enhance clicks but also beautify you and help you feel more confident. Nowadays, women prefer no makeup look [...]


Bad breath, also called halitosis, can be quite embarrassing and in some cases may even cause tremendous anxiety. No wonder that most store shelves are overflowing with gum, mints, mouthwashes and other products designed for fighting bad breath. However, many of these products are only temporary measures because they do not address the very cause [...]

Latest Treatments Available in Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the first things that any person notices in you is your smile and teeth. But very few people are satisfied with their teeth' appearance and always hunting for treatments and remedies to make their smiles look attractive. Over time, cosmetic dentistry and dental reconstruction have evolved and now offer various solutions to people [...]

Conventional Braces Or Clear Aligners – How To Choose The Best Orthodontic Treatment?

The goal of orthodontic treatment is to correct misaligned, misshapen, and poorly positioned teeth. It aims to improve your biting skills and enhance your mouth’s visual appearance. Orthodontic treatment is often associated with children. Wearing braces at an early stage of life enhances your smile and teeth appearance. But, many adults consider orthodontic treatment to [...]

What Are The Signs You Need A Root Canal Treatment

Tooth pain is one of the worst kind of pain. It jeopardizes your eating and drinking comfort, troubles while speaking or laughing, and it inevitably affects you if you got a board meeting to pitch your new big project. Tooth pain is often neglected or treated with home remedies, but many a time, it might [...]

How Do I Get Rid Of My Missing Tooth Look?

Human teeth can experience a lot of wear and tear throughout their life. Tooth decay, gum disease, gum infection, and tooth infection can all contribute to missing tooth. A missing tooth can create a massive impact on your personality and expose you to various health complications. If you are struggling to achieve a fuller smile [...]