Dental Splinting

One common question asked by people who suffer from weak and loose teeth is “Can anything be done to tighten them?

Loosen teeth can make eating uncomfortable as the fear of teeth getting pulled away from their gums due to the biting pressure always haunts them.

What causes Teeth Splinting?

  • Trauma to teeth.
  • Progression of advanced gum disease.

Splinting refers to the stabilization of your loosen tooth by drawing support from a healthy adjacent tooth.

Dental splinting is performed using thin steel wire or fiber, passed through the spaces between the loose teeth and the adjacent healthy teeth in a specific pattern to attain stabilization procedure might be slightly painful.

Why Smile Studio?

Patients having a high degree of mobility (loose teeth) due to periodontal disease or those having congenitally missing laterals, our clinic offer a unique product to help them. Loose teeth can make eating uncomfortable as teeth are pulled away from their gums due to the biting pressure.

We use “bondable reinforcement ribbon” made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethene fibres for splinting applications. Its unique qualities help in crack stopping and fracture toughness. Our custom approach and expertise in handling extreme cases make us a primary dental resource of our patients for all of their dental issues.