Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Wisdom tooth or the third molars are the last permanent teeth to appear in our mouth. An impacted wisdom tooth is a dental condition in which one can do nothing to prevent it. Good news is, there are various treatments to restore your oral health.

Why do you need a Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

Most of the people plan on removing their wisdom tooth due to one of the following reasons:

They are impacted

When your wisdom tooth prevents from emerging out of your jawbone due to insufficient space in your mouth, it gets impacted and can cause severe pain and discomfort while eating.

They grow in a wrong angle

It can either grow towards your next tooth or towards the back of your mouth, causing pain and orthodontic complications.

Gum disease

Wisdom tooth is often unapproachable by your toothbrush and due to lack of brushing it might become a home for gum disease, bad breath, and dental infections. Thus, it needs to get removed.

If you encounter a wisdom tooth eruption, visit our dental specialist at Smile Studio. A Wisdom teeth Removal

may or may not cause a problem but one cannot predict the certainty of future complications and therefore, we recommend it to be removed to restore your oral health.