Are you looking for ways to increase your aesthetics quotient? Are you the one looking for non-clinical sustainable solutions? Then, you must surely look for a way to improving your smile. A beautiful smile does not only enhance clicks but also beautify you and help you feel more confident. Nowadays, women prefer no makeup look to makeup; so what is the element adding to their natural beauty? Smile is, of course, one of the clear answers. Here, in the blog, we will discuss some amazing tips to enhance your smile.

Lighten and Brighten teeth

No, we are not asking to visit the best cosmetic dentist in Mumbai; rather we are discussing some sustainable ways to keep teeth healthy and bright. Brush twice every day using toothpaste that contains baking soda as that naturally abrades the yellow layer of teeth day by day, giving you shinier and bright teeth set. 

Work On Your Gums

If you have white teeth but poor gums, then you are in the illusion that your smile has improved. In fact, Poor gums are prone to infection, turning them black and thus denting your smile.

Check On Crack 

Sometimes, the cracks may not be visible. Be vigilant in checking for cracks at least twice a week because cracks may develop into major tooth problems requiring RCT or other treatments.

Include Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are good acid regulators, energy boosters, and good for healthy gums. 

Say No To Caffeinated And Carbonated Drinks

The caffeinated and carbonated drinks are not good for teeth and perhaps stain them. 

Say No To Cigarettes and Tobacco

Cigarettes and tobacco not only stain the teeth but also make them look filthy and dark.

Avoid Oral Piercing 

Oral piercing allows germs to breed on the pierced. It makes your oral hygiene prone to infection.

Avoid Intermittent Snacking

Typically, people develop a habit of munching fast foods in between meals. It is not only bad for health but oral health also. The more you eat, the more food sticks to your teeth, the worse it is.

Take Care Of Oral Hygiene

Take care of oral hygiene in small steps

  1. Brush regularly
  2. Floss
  3. Visit a  dentist in Mumbai every six months. 

Smile Studio aims at improving your overall smile both with our service and our knowledge resources. We hope you found this article useful. Stay connected to know more.