The goal of orthodontic treatment is to correct misaligned, misshapen, and poorly positioned teeth. It aims to improve your biting skills and enhance your mouth’s visual appearance. Orthodontic treatment is often associated with children. Wearing braces at an early stage of life enhances your smile and teeth appearance. But, many adults consider orthodontic treatment to claim a perfect set of teeth and an attractive looking smile.
The orthodontic treatment for adults focuses on realigning their teeth permanently. The procedure can be somewhat similar for children too. But, what everyone fears about this treatment is the metal braces intact for months in their mouth, severely impacting their personality and self-confidence.

If you are hesitating to choose orthodontic treatment due to the fear of disrupted personality, your worry ends here. In this blog, we will help you support your decision of choosing a brace of your own. You will be wearing a brace without the world knowing about it.

But first, let us understand why orthodontic treatment is essential for your oral hygiene.
The benefits of orthodontic treatment are numerous, such as:
• It corrects an overbite problem
• Fix the teeth that are raised too high

• Realigns the teeth
• Corrects the space between teeth and prevents dental overlap
• Prevents premature erosion in future
So, if you are planning to straighten your teeth, it is a very wise decision. Why? Because misaligned teeth can cause severe complications and damage to your mouth like:
• Tooth decay and high cavity due to improper brushing and flossing
• Overlapped teeth can cause a fracture in adjacent teeth during an injury
• Weakens the gum, making it prone to developing gum disease
• Temporomandibular joint problems

Types of Orthodontic Treatment
Conventional braces

Braces are the best option for correcting and straightening your teeth. Do not worry. Medical advancements have changed the look, feel, and method of wearing braces. Today, most of the dental braces are made of porcelain brackets or small metals and are stuck at the front of your teeth, interconnected by a thin metal wire to tighten the teeth. The tooth shifting is pre-planned by your dentist. Therefore, the braces are aligned in such a manner that a very slight accurate pressure applied on the teeth can bring them in a correctly aligned position. The metal wire is changed over time in different sessions and replaced by a comparatively thicker wire to achieve the best-desired results.
Braces are needed to be positioned after every few weeks. Regular follow-up appointments are mandatory so that your dentist can monitor the movement of your teeth.
Note: Wearing braces require excellent oral hygiene and no record of tooth infection, surgery, or dental complications.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are advanced versions of conventional braces. The result is excellent and is the most-sought orthodontic treatment among children and adults. Why? As the name suggests, clear aligners are the transparent form of braces and cannot be seen by a naked eye. You will be wearing them without letting people get distracted by your braces and unpleasant smile. Clear aligners are recommended to patients with mild to moderate teeth problems.

The process of clear aligners is almost similar to conventional braces, but the results are comparatively faster than metal braces. Also, clear aligners are costlier than traditional braces. However, it surely is worth the investment. For best results, doctors recommend patients to wear them every day and avoid any compromising outcome.
Your dentist will create a virtual impression of your teeth using a computer program. At Smile Studio, we show our patients the entire procedure on the screen, right from the initial stage of placing the braces on your teeth to the final step of removing it you will know what is going on inside your mouth.

Above all, clear aligners are easy to maintain. You can remove the braces every time you brush or floss. To learn more about orthodontic treatment and invisible braces in Mumbai, we request you to book an appointment at our clinic and the leading dental team will come forward to address all your dental related problems and to improve your smile.