Human teeth can experience a lot of wear and tear throughout their life. Tooth decay, gum disease, gum infection, and tooth infection can all contribute to missing tooth. A missing tooth can create a massive impact on your personality and expose you to various health complications. If you are struggling to achieve a fuller smile and good oral health, there are many treatment options available at Smile Studio offered by the Country’s certified dental professionals.

Treatment For Missing Tooth

Dental implants offer relief for missing tooth and are best suited for people who suffered single tooth loss or several tooth loss at different locations of your mouth. The treatment for a dental implant in Mumbai involves surgically mounting a titanium metal post or frame on the lower or upper jaw.

A replacement tooth in than mounted on this implant to help your teeth remain on the same place.
A dental implant offers a permanent base to your replaced tooth and is considered to be one of the safest, cheapest, and most-effective dental procedure for tooth loss.

Fixed Dental Bridge

Your doctor will examine your oral health to determine if you are the right candidate for a fixed dental bridge. This treatment option is effective only if the patient suffered single or multiple tooth loss at the same location inside your mouth. It bridges the gap formed due to the missing tooth/teeth.

A dental prosthetic or artificial tooth is attached to adjacent teeth and bonded in place using the dental cement to make your teeth look and feel like natural teeth.

Removable Partial Dentures

Complete dentures are suggested to patient to want to get rid of all their teeth. But, if you only want to replace a few teeth, doctors recommend removable partial dentures. A replacement tooth is attached to a natural-looking pink base. The base is designed to match the colour of your gums and tooth colour.
This treatment option is ideal for patients who want to replace multiple teeth in one part of their mouth.

At Smile Studio, we encourage patients first to know their options and choose the best-suited treatment to restore their smile and excellent oral health. If you are looking for a procedure that can fix your missing tooth and give you a confident, bright smile, visit our clinic and together we can work on your oral health goals.